Picture Books

I love to write picture books, and I’ve written quite a few. I’m in the process of polishing them up, and sending them out on query.

Here are a few of my favorite characters:

Max is a feisty corgi who lives and works at a summer camp. Shhh… don’t tell Max he’s a dog. He thinks he runs the place!

When Tish,  a shy giraffe, moves from the savannah to the city she worries that she’ll never make friends. All her classmates only come up to her knees!

Oh Speedbump….don’t you ever do anything but nap? Have you ever known a cat who did less than our beloved Speedbump?

Join favorite cousins Mary and Isobel for a week at the lake for their annual family reunion.

Julius Goldfish is working hard to make his school basketball team. Can he compete with the bigger fish?

Herbert Crow is practicing his opera again. He just knows it will impress Lura, his lady love.


I wrote the first draft of my novel, Ice Princess, during NaNoWriMo 2019. I’m working with a critique partner to edit it now.

Mandy is a third-grade teacher, married, with two young boys. And a painful past she tries to ignore. She was only eleven when her father’s best friend was murdered. Her dad couldn’t get past it and the murderer was never caught. Now, twenty-five years later Mandy sees the murderer on Facebook. If she tracks down the murderer can that restore her family?

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