Picture Books

I love to write picture books, and I have two out on submission right now. While I wait to hear which lovely publisher would like to work with me, I keep writing more!

Middle Grade Novels

Middle Grade novels are so much fun! It’s a wonderful genre to read and write. If you visit my website regularly, I hope to have some news soon on my first middle grade novel. It’s out on submission right now.


I wrote the first draft of a novel, Ice Princess, during NaNoWriMo 2019. When I’m not writing new picture books, or working on a middle grade novel, I keep going back to Ice Princess. One day I’ll finish it up. Or not, it seems like every writer I know has a novel lurking around.

Mandy is a third-grade teacher, married, with two young boys. And a painful past she tries to ignore. She was only eleven when her father’s best friend was murdered. Her dad couldn’t get past it and the murderer was never caught. Now, twenty-five years later Mandy sees the murderer on Facebook. If she tracks down the murderer can that restore her family?

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