I’ve been writing stories and plays for as long as I can remember. In second grade I had the privilege of writing the Nativity play that my class performed for the parents. I didn’t realize I had written a comedy. Something about a seven-year old’s perspective on childbirth was just hilarious. But I didn’t let that stop me! I continued writing and directing plays to be performed in my backyard by my sisters and friends. My neighbors graciously agreed to pay five cents to sit in their own chairs for our festivities. I was sure I was destined for stardom.

But then I grew up and life happened. I went to college in California, met my husband, worked several different jobs, the last one being in social services. We moved back east, had a couple of kids and dogs and life kept moving along. I kept making up stories for my kids, and made them participate in art projects.

When my kids started working at a summer camp, I got the idea for a picture book series. That started me on my current writing journey. I wrote picture books, a novel during NaNoWriMo, joined a writer’s group, and took classes. I queried, entered contests, got critique partners, and set up a website. I edited, rewrote, wrote more, and of course I queried a lot more. So many queries.

My husband and I have recently moved to Vermont. We love the mountains and lakes and the change of seasons. Even mud season! If you can’t find me typing away on something, I’ll be in my hiking boots, or kayak, or at my little art studio in my sunroom.